What is Parent Coaching?

Unlike a therapist who works with mental health conditions such as anxiety, depression and trauma, I will work with you as a consultant and a coach to help you navigate the everyday struggles of parenting. I am here to provide you with the tools, routines, ideas and support to keep you on your parenting path. When you find yourself facing a new challenge or in need of a reset within your home, I can help. Together we will work on communication style and other obstacles that may be impacting the parent-child relationship. I will help you achieve your parenting gaols.

Parents set the tone for the environment in which their children will grow. I have extensive training and experience in social emotional wellness, child development, and positive parenting strategies. Research shows that strong parenting while children are in their formative years builds resilience. Resilient kids will be equipped for the challenges they will encounter on their path to adulthood. My goal is to help you bring the joy back to your family.

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