“My Children Graduated With Honors And Attended Ivy League Colleges.”

InspiricaPros Gerry Perez worked with siblings from middle school through MBA applications. This parent singled out his ability to achieve results through two different approaches:

“Gerry Perez tutored both my children from middle school to high school. He helped them with their college applications and assisted my daughter with her MBA application as well.

Both my children graduated high school at the top of their class with honors and attended Ivy League colleges. My daughter is now attending a top graduate school.

Gerry is a wonderful person and a great tutor. He is diligent and dedicated to his students. He spends the time necessary to teach them concepts and discuss ideas. As a tutor he was exceptional. We would not have used Gerry for as long as we did if he was “merely good.”

Gerry has the ability to motivate his students and adjusts his teaching style to help each student be the most productive. My daughter and son required different tutoring approaches, yet achieved similar academic results.

I highly recommend Gerry – had I had another child we would have continued to use him as our tutor.”

Gerry Perez is located in New York. He tutors all subjects in person and online.

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