SSAT Issues Important At-Home Testing Update

It’s election month in the weirdest year ever, and everything is just peachy. Grown men are acting like toddlers, fundamental tenets of the democratic process are apparently now unfair, and this man is somehow one of the most controversial figures in American politics:

Not content to let politics have all the fun, though, the SSAT created its own chaos by issuing an SSAT at Home update yesterday in which it announced the cancellation of several upcoming test dates. Your friendly neighborhood test expert is here to break down this important update about the At-Home SSAT.

So what exactly is going on with the At-Home SSAT?

When we checked in last time, the SSAT had just rolled out an online version of the test that students could take at home. The At-Home SSAT has been running for a couple of months without any catastrophic problems being reported, but the next two SSAT at Home test dates (11/7 and 11/14) have just been cancelled. The other November test dates (11/21, 11/22, and 11/28) are currently scheduled to proceed as planned, but additional students can no longer register for them.

Why are they cancelling the At-Home test dates?


The SSAT’s statement doesn’t give a concrete reason; however, the announcement does reference “technical issues that impacted the testing experience” for recent students, and it explains that the EMA “[doesn’t] want to offer the SSAT at Home until the testing experience meets [their] standards.”

It’s also potentially significant that the SSAT chose to include an affirmation of its Security and Fairness Statement at the bottom of this announcement, and mentioned “recent events” as part of its reason for doing so. It’s entirely possible that ‘technical issues’ is either partly or entirely a reference to some kind of security breach.

What should I do if my SSAT at Home test date was cancelled?

Students who were scheduled to take a test that has now been cancelled have three options.

  • They can reschedule to take the SSAT at Home on another date; currently, there are nine dates available in December and eight in January, and the EMA has expressed that they are committed to continuing to offer the SSAT at Home moving forward.
  • They can opt to schedule a time to take the test in-person at a Prometric test center instead.
  • Alternatively, they can decide that they’re over it and request a refund by completing the form linked in the SSAT’s announcement.

Be sure to watch this space for any further updates about the SSAT and the SSAT at Home.

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