2021 LSAT Testing Calendar: An Overview

Once you’ve decided to take the LSAT, test prep ultimately begins with selecting your first test date. The LSAC holds all the cards here. They choose the LSAT test dates, and you can only choose from the options they give you. With the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, the LSAC has made the switch to the LSAT-Flex, a remotely-proctored, modified form of the traditional in-person LSAT. This change actually allows the test taker some additional flexibility, as you can take the test over a range of dates. We are going to cover the 2021 LSAT testing calendar and how to register for the LSAT in this overview.

LSAT Test Dates 2020-2021

The LSAT is offered seven times in a normal year. Now, we all know that this year is far from normal, and the 2021 LSAT testing calendar follows accordingly. Fortunately, you will still have the opportunity to test, regardless of COVID restrictions, with the advent of the LSAT-Flex. From at least November 2020 to April 2021, all tests will be offered in the LSAT-Flex format.

The confirmed 2020-2021 LSAT Calendar is as follows:

November 2020 (LSAT-Flex)

November 7, November 8, November 10, November 11
Registration deadline: September 23, 2020
Accommodation request deadline: September 23, 2020
Assistance request deadline: October 18, 2020

January 2021 (LSAT-Flex)

January 16, January 17
Registration deadline: December 2, 2020
Accommodation request deadline: December 2, 2020
Assistance request deadline: December 20, 2020

February 2021 (LSAT-Flex)

February 20, February 21
Registration deadline: January 6, 2021
Accommodation request deadline: January 6, 2021
Assistance request deadline: January 31, 2021

April 2021 (LSAT-Flex)

April 10, April 11
Registration deadline: February 24, 2021
Accommodation request deadline: February 24, 2021
Assistance request deadline: March 21, 2021

LSAT Registration

Once you’ve selected your initial test date, the next step is registering for the LSAT. LSAT registration is fairly simple. You will need to register for an LSAC account. From there, you can simply log in, select a given test date, pay the fee of $200 or use a fee waiver, and you are good to go. Registering for the LSAT is one of the most important parts of your LSAT test prep plan. Notably, the LSAC does not allow for late registration, so it is essential to register as early as possible. If you miss your LSAT registration deadline, you’ll have to wait until the next registration window. Despite some additional flexibility with the LSAT-Flex, the 2021 LSAT calendar is still dictated by hard deadlines.

LSAT Test Prep

Regardless of whether you’ve selected a test date, LSAT test prep will likely be an important part of your LSAT game plan. Even if you don’t know your test date yet, you can begin your LSAT prep, either individually or using one of our expert LSAT tutors. Your LSAT tutor can help you decide your LSAT test date, as well as guide you through all aspects the LSAT test prep process, from mastering Logic Games to the formal logic needed for the Logical Reasoning section. Get started today!

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