“Not Only An Effective Tutor, But A Highly Seasoned Professional.”

Bill remains my “go-to” tutor for both the SAT and the ACT.


Noodle Pro Bill Oliver has been tutoring for 12 years. He is a go-to tutor for the ACT and SAT for independent counselors.

“I’ve known Bill Oliver in both a professional and personal capacity for 10 years. As an independent college counselor, I’ve recommended Bill to countless students all of whom had only the highest praise for him. In fact, despite my many contacts with other tutors and test prep firms, Bill remains my “go-to” tutor for both the SAT and the ACT.

Bill also tutored by son for the SAT many years ago. My son scored a 2350 (out of 2400). Need I say more?

Families should know that Bill is not only an effective tutor, but a highly seasoned professional. They can place their trust in him without hesitation.”

Noodle Pro Bill Oliver is located in Williamsburg, NY. He tutors the ACT and SAT.

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