“She Taught Not Only Subject Matter, But How To Study And Analyze.”

Noodle Pro Amanda Strader has been helping a current college student since his freshman year of high school. His parents credit Amanda with helping him become an active participant in his education.

“Amanda started working with our son his freshman year of high school. He is now a successful sophomore in college and that is in great part thanks to Amanda.

She began tutoring him in math and English but it expanded from there to any and every subject he needed assistance with at any given time. Sometimes in depth, sometimes just a quick help. She taught not only subject matter, but how to study and analyze.

Amanda taught him how to ask questions in class to get a clearer understanding of not only what was being taught, but what was expected from him as a student. As a result, he came to understand that the teacher’s job was to instruct but he had to be an active participant. He learned and witnessed the importance and benefits of being proactive with his studies and projects, especially when working in groups.

Amanda worked with our son through the college process of test prep, how and what to look for in potential colleges, college essays and applications. He continues to refer to Amanda as his life coach. He reaches out to her on occasional on multi-subject matters from college in California.

She is exceptional and truly works with students to bring the best out in them. She is greatly missed by her students in California and many potential clients were disappointed to see her leave. Amanda is a very honest, responsible, on-time, and on-task person. She is smart, confident and truly a wonderful person who brings the best out of her students. We were very fortunate to employ her and we give her our highest recommendation.”

Amanda Strader is located in New York. She tutors the SAT, ACT, and common core subjects. 

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