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The SAT/ACT PathFinder

Welcome to InspiricaPROS’s PathFinder, the proprietary ACT / SAT test selection tool developed by a team of our most experienced tutors and test experts. By focusing on the most important differences between the ACT and SAT, it simulates both test in a single testing session. The product of a multi-year design process, it incorporates all the major structural and conceptual challenges unique to each test, from the question types to the order of the sections to the amount of time allotted per question.

To get started, visit the Download the Test portion of the course below. There you will find an overview of the test, as well as copies of the test and its bubble sheet for you to print out. Proctoring instructions can be found in the Take the Test section; it requires about three hours to complete the PathFinder, and the timing is the same no matter what testing accommodations you may or may not have on test day. 

Once you’ve completed the PathFinder, return here and visit the Submit the Test section, which includes instructions on how to submit your bubble sheet and receive your results. It generally takes two to three business days for us to analyze and return the results to you by email.

Please follow the standard timing guidelines laid out in the Take the Test section of this site even if you plan to apply for Extended Time on either the SAT or ACT. The recommendation process depends on the analysis team’s ability to see how you perform on both tests under standard conditions on both tests. As always, if you have any questions or concerns, please contact us in chat. Happy testing!