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When I was younger, I viewed tutoring as something used to fix myself as if there was something wrong with me as a person. No matter who tried to convince me that this assumption was false, I couldn’t seem to shift my belief. However, after having my tutor, I learned that this belief was completely inaccurate to how it should be. Throughout my sessions, my tutor made great efforts to get to know me and how I learn best, therefore adapting her teaching styles to fit me personally. This changed my entire view on tutoring, creating a new idea of the concept as a resource that aids me rather than changing me or how I learn. In my freshman year, I noticed some inconsistencies within my math tests, so I made my own personal decision to set up some [tutoring] sessions, seeing that she would be the one who could help me find what was causing these inconsistencies and grow. She helped me grow into the student I am now, averaging in the A range for my grades while also being able to remain calm mentally. With her help, I have developed new strategies that I will carry with me throughout my life, not just as a student, but as a person too. I owe my tutor for the smooth transition into my freshman year, and she even helped aid me through the tests in the application process into my dream school.

Caleb E.

Great Minds Don't Think Alike

We believe…

Every student is different. This simple fact should inform every aspect of the tutoring process, from tutor match to program timeline. 

You get out of tutoring what you put in. Great results are earned, and a tutor’s job is to channel the student’s hard work in the most productive and efficient direction. 

It takes a village. No matter the subject or test, preparation should be a team effort. When you work with us, you get a team of people committed to helping you or your student succeed. 

It’s a poor craftsman that blames his tools… but it’s a negligent craftsman that ignores them. We strive to use only the best materials in all our programs, combining in-house curriculum with the highest-quality third-party materials available. 

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Executive Function

Students who face unique challenges need unique support, and many of our Pros specialize in working with students who require that extra attention. Executive function support can comprise a standalone program, or it can be paired with academic tutoring or test prep.


Each episode of the Pro Tips Podcast features a conversation with an industry insider. You’ll hear from educational consultants, tutors, and even athletics coaches, each of whom will weigh in on their own personal area of expertise.


Our free video library covers everything from test overviews to basic strategy to admissions tips. So whether you’re already working with us or you’re just trying to test the water before you start tutoring, we hope these informational videos are exactly what you’re looking for.

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It is a distinct privilege to recommend Jonathan Arak as a tutor for ISEE/SSAT test prep. Jonathan has helped my four children through multiple application and standardized test milestones, the outcomes of which were highly successful not just because of his exacting and exuberant teaching manner, but also because of his intuition, humor, kindness, and dignity with kids. I honestly believe he pondered the best approach with all four of our varied personalities and learning styles, and when he was at the desk with the children he kept them focused and motivated by being ‘in their corner’ and a generous, caring human being.

Kelly B.

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