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Executive Function

Students who face unique challenges need unique support, and many of our Pros specialize in working with students who require that extra attention.

Executive function support can comprise a standalone program, or it can be paired with academic tutoring or test prep; either way, our experts will work with you to ensure that your student’s needs are met. Scroll down to learn more and get started.

The approach taken by my son's tutor helped him increase his scores in ALL of the ACT sections. My son tutor was able to determine his weaknesses and crafted personalized sessions to help strengthen his reading skills. Also helped review the content material of the STEM sections and he helped increase my son’s reading speed, but most importantly he gave my son the confidence to overcome his fear of standardized tests. My son was accepted to 9 engineering programs—all ranked within the top 20 for Mechanical Engineering.

Lisa J.

Understanding Executive Function

The term ‘executive function’ has gained prominence in conversations around K-12 education in recent years; however, despite the fact that a sizable number of students struggle to varying degrees with executive function skills, the definition of the term still isn’t always transparent.

Inspirica Pros provides you with:

  • Personalized 1:1 tutoring
  • A network of experienced executive function tutors
  • Our free downloadable e-book!

Executive Function E-Book

In conjunction with our expert tutors, our Executive Function E-Book will equip you with the knowledge to better understand executive functioning skills and the tools to help yourself improve those skills.

Join Inspirica Pros as we unpack and elucidate what executive function means and provide strategies for improving executive function skills.

Fill out the form below and download.

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My daughter got an A in the class, 90+ percentile on her SAT Chemistry Subject test and a 5 on her AP Chemistry exam. She was also accepted to top-ranked engineering programs. I could recommend our tutor solely on the fact that he improved my daughter's scores and her grades. However, it is the way he taught that makes me give him the highest possible recommendation.

Hanna F.

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