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We know what you’re thinking: “Everybody and their mom has a podcast these days; why would I take the time to listen to one created by a tutoring company?”

To put it simply, you should tune in because we really know what we’re talking about. Each episode of the Pro Tips Podcast is 5-10 minutes of knowledge delivered straight to your ears. Plus, if we’re being honest, listening to our mellifluous voices and sparkling repartee is really its own reward.

Loren is fantastic! He has great rapport with kids and finds a way to meet their efforts with positive energy. Even when my son wasn't able to correctly answer a problem, Loren found some part of his work to commend, and he consistently made him feel like he had almost arrived at the correct answer. He was encouraging throughout and found ways to celebrate the skills my son was good at, and he really enjoyed working with him. Working with Loren, my son was able to make great strides in both his verbal skills and math skills. Even as an 11-year-old he talks about how much he learned working with Loren, and he has cool new math skills to put to use in school. For me, Loren was a pleasure to work with as well. He made himself readily accessible to counsel me when needed (more than I wished I'd needed it...), and he was conscientious, reliable and always on time. It's been a wonderful partnership that he's created with me and my kids, and I'm so appreciative for the opportunity to work with him. We look forward to working with Loren again when my son applies to high school! Thank you Loren!

Lea S.

The approach taken by my son's tutor helped him increase his scores in ALL of the ACT sections. My son tutor was able to determine his weaknesses and crafted personalized sessions to help strengthen his reading skills. Also helped review the content material of the STEM sections and he helped increase my son’s reading speed, but most importantly he gave my son the confidence to overcome his fear of standardized tests. My son was accepted to 9 engineering programs—all ranked within the top 20 for Mechanical Engineering.

Kevin Q.

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