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Almost everybody has those one or two subjects. The ones that don’t quite click, where every homework assignment requires extra effort and where exams are adventures rather than stately processions to fantastic grades. 

Fortunately, we know some people who can help. Whether you’re looking for short-term reinforcement or more regular support throughout the school year, Inspirica Pros has academic tutors with black belts in dozens of content areas. Scroll down to learn more.

Not only did they take the time to understand their learning styles and match them with suitable tutors, but they also provided clear pathways to improving their test-taking and academic skills. More importantly, their open dialogue and clear communication have taken all family anxiety out of the picture!

Sophia U.

What is Academic Support?

Success in school relies on a variety of factors, and no two academic programs look exactly the same. Our Pros are adaptable—they’re just as comfortable following along with a student’s class syllabus and offering reinforcement of important concepts as they are generating their own lesson plans to help students break new ground in a given area.

Regardless of the structure, though, all our academic programs share the same core tenets:

  • Engage each student as an individual
  • Create an individualized learning experience for each student
  • Set goals to get the most out of each student
  • Build confidence and reduce stress & anxiety

Academic Specialties

In a classroom setting, it can be difficult for students to get the 1:1 attention they need to truly master the material. Maybe you're looking for support as you navigate a challenging course, or you just want additional exploration into a concept that interests you. Either way, our Pros are experts in over 50 fields, they're as passionate as they are knowledgeable, and they’re here to help you learn on your terms.

Non-Academic Specialties

When students aren't as successful in the classroom as they could be, it's often due to more than just challenging content. Many of our tutors specialize in working with students who face non-academic challenges that impact them in a school setting, such as struggles with planning and time management, study skills, or test-taking anxiety.

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Andrew is engaging and does a fine job of being in command while still being approachable. He understands the mindset of a teenager, and is firm and friendly in his approach. For a 13 year old boy to never complain about a session - during the summer afternoons when the rest of his friends are at the pool or playing Fortnite or having fun elsewhere, and now after a long school day and football practice is what makes Andrew exceptional.

Riley I.

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