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Educational Consultant Partnerships

Not to toot our own horn, but our tutors and staff are some of the foremost experts in supporting students as they strive for excellence on standardized tests and in the classroom. Our Pros have a clear sense of the limits of their expertise, however: they don’t pretend to be admissions experts or academic counselors.

That’s why we’re always looking for partners who specialize in those areas. We make each other better, and nobody benefits more than the most important group: the students. Scroll down to learn more about our mutually beneficial relationships with our EC partners.

Inspirica Pros is a pleasure to partner with. Their team of tutors and test prep experts are informed, dynamic, and prepared professionals. Inspirica Pros takes the time to get to know each and every student and family we send their way, ensuring they are matched with a tutor that meets their needs and expectations. Our families have experienced consistently successful results when matched with a Inspirica Pros tutor, and that is why we continue to partner with them.

Whitney S., Admit NY

Educational Consultant Partnerships

How We Can Help

What We Bring to the Table

• Corps of professional tutors specializing in all subjects and tests from Pre-K through graduate school

• Experts in learning differences and 2E students

• Consistent communication via tutor introductions, monthly check-ins, and client updates

• Marketing collaboration for live events and webinars

• Assistance with social following and promotional events

A Better System for Referrals

At Inspirica Pros, our tutors are a major part of our brand and are often brands unto themselves. You’ll never be referring a client to a nameless, faceless tutor—you'll be sending them to work with a trusted expert with whom you have a relationship.

We offer a generous revenue-based tutoring referral fee. We also respect NACAC and similar codes of conduct, and in lieu of receiving a referral fee, our partners can opt to offer discounts on our services to their students.

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I am always comfortable referring my clients to Inspirica Pros because I know they'll get exactly the academic prep they need from the tutor who is the best fit for them.

Alina A., NYC School Secrets

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