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The only thing more difficult than studying for the GMAT is doing so while juggling school, a job, and B-school applications. That’s why our experienced 1-on-1 GMAT tutors prioritize scheduling flexibility to ensure that test prep fits your life and individualized instruction to optimize your pursuit of your best possible score.

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Why MBA Candidates Choose Inspirica Pros for GMAT Tutoring & Test Prep

Our GMAT tutoring process is centered around your specific strengths & weaknesses as they relate to the GMAT. We seek to understand and continuously adapt our tutoring to provide you with strategies designed to help you achieve your target GMAT score. 

Decades of Combined Experience

Our tutors have been teaching these tests for years, both independently and as Pros, so they know the best strategies and shortcuts to help your student succeed.

Flexible Scheduling

Life is hectic, which is why your tutor will work with you to devise a prep plan that perfectly fits your busy schedule.

Improve Your GMAT Score

We are proud to offer some of the best GMAT tutoring available, and with our assistance, you can raise your GMAT score and achieve your MBA admissions goals.

An Overview of the GMAT Exam Format

The Graduate Management Admission Test (GMAT) is a graduate admissions exam for students looking to pursue a graduate’s degree specifically in business. The exam consists of four different sections assessing writing, reasoning, quantitative analysis, and verbal skills, and takes roughly three hours to complete.

GMAT Section Time Limit Number of Questions Type of Question(s)
Analytical Writing 30 minutes One question Argument analysis
Reasoning 30 minutes 12 questions Interpreting graphics, multi-source reasoning, two-part analysis, table analysis
Quantitative Analysis 62 minutes 31 questions Data sufficiency & problem solving
Verbal 65 minutes 36 questions Reading, comprehension, critical reasoning, sentence analysis & correction
Overall 3 hours & 7 minutes 80 questions -

Private GMAT Tutoring From Experienced Test Experts

Our team of tutors at Inspirica Pros aren’t just subject matter experts, they’re veteran test-takers who not only understand the intricacies of the GMAT, but are able to effectively impart their knowledge onto every graduate student they work with. When you partner with one of GMAT tutors, you can be sure that you’re getting someone who will work with you to understand your individual academic needs to help you to master the GMAT. 

A Flexible But Rigorous Approach To GMAT Tutoring

The GMAT is not an easy test, and preparing for it requires a disciplined approach. When you partner with one of our GMAT tutors, you can be sure that you’re getting an expert guide who will push you to your limits in order to fully prepare you for the exam. 

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