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If you’re applying to grad school, chances are you’ve got a lot on your plate. Whether you’re finishing up your undergraduate degree, working full-time, or just stressing about the application process while busy with life, the last thing you need is another thing to worry about. That’s why our GRE and GMAT programs prioritize flexibility and customization on the way to getting you a great score.

No matter your schedule, no matter your score goals, no matter your timeline—we’ve got you covered.

I had eight days until I was going to be taking the GRE for the second time. I had tried other tutors previously who did not understand my learning style and did not provide the tools I needed to succeed. I was juggling finishing my applications for business school and polishing essays. If things did not go well – I was not going to be applying for my MBA this year. There was a lot going on in my life. I desperately needed to find the right person. Enter Jonathan Arak. Everything I ever wanted from previous tutors – and lacked, Jonathan possessed, exceeding my wildest expectations. He tailored our sessions to how I learned – something deeply meaningful for someone coming from a learning disabled background. He taught me the effective strategies to excel on the exam – even going above and beyond what other tutors did - even something as simple as organizing scratch paper. Each day on our tight schedule, he was attentive and available, texting me about homework and problems, inquiring if I had completed my assignments or had any questions. More than anything he was kind, patient, and helped me get in the proper mindset to do well on the exam. Jonathan gave me a fighting chance to get into business school this year. He is part tutor, part psychiatrist, and all around great individual. He is hands down the most expensive tutor I have ever used, but he is worth every penny.

David J.


The sheer number and variety of programs that accept the Graduate Record Examinations (GRE) for admissions can be intimidating, but really it should be just the opposite: even if you have no idea what you want to do with your life in two years—or next week—you can prep for the GRE knowing that a high score will provide you with a wealth of options. And we know just the people to help you get that high score.


Look, CEOs don’t grow on trees. If you want to run a company, you basically have two options: be a super genius who drops out of high school to invent the entire internet, or let Inspirica Pros help you ace the GMAT so you can get into the business school of your dreams. 

If you choose to take the first option, more power to you; we’ll hit you up in a few years for some free hover-shoes. But if you’re opting for the more traditional route, we’ve got you covered with our comprehensive GMAT test prep programs.

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I could tell from the start that Jonathan was going to be good. In our first session, he completely revamped my test taking methodology, introducing tricks to deal with timing and ways to make informed yet quick decisions on difficult questions. Our sessions started by taking a bird's-eye view of the test as a whole, with Jonathan making sure I developed a fundamental base that I could build upon as the weeks went by. We gradually drilled down into the finest and most nuanced points of the test, going topic by topic. I was almost waiting to get to a concept that Jonathan couldn't explain by either providing an example that was impossible to forget or yelling the answer loudly enough in my ear that it would be ringing until test day (if you don't get the humor, this worked like a charm). That was probably the most impressive part to me - we never found a topic that he couldn't explain. Jonathan was extremely patient and not only put in the effort to explain every lesson to me, but also clearly considered my learning style and catered to it. The results speak for themselves as I was able to improve my score significantly. I would recommend Jonathan to anyone taking the GMAT or any other test for which he offers tutoring services.

Gwen S.

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