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We know how overwhelming the application process for private schools can be. Between interviews, application essays, and your busy day-to-day schedule, the last thing you have time to do is stress over test scores. That’s where we come in.

Inspirica Pros offers fully customized one-on-one programs for the SHSAT and all levels of the SSAT and ISEE. We’ll take care of the test—you just worry about the rest!

My daughter went from getting 4s on her first practice exam to getting 8s and 9s on the actual ISEE four weeks later. We know our daughter is motivated but getting 9s in both math sections (the highest possible score) was an absolutely phenomenal outcome that could not have been achieved without Kate's tremendous abilities and influence.

Stephanie J.


The ISEE represents the first exposure to standardized testing for many students, and almost all of those students would rather be doing just about anything besides preparing for it.

Never fear, though—our ISEE sensei specialize in working with younger students, and more importantly they love doing it. Your Pro will make the ISEE prep process as engaging and stress-free as possible.


The SSAT tests a wide range of content, much of which students may not have encountered before. Add to that the challenging, unique question-types and this exam can start to feel like the test equivalent of a really bad headache. Fortunately, we know some people who can help.

Our SSAT gurus have decades of experience helping students beat this test, and they enjoy nothing more than seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they do.


The Specialized High School Admissions Test (SHSAT) is used by the New York City Public School System during the admissions process for its Specialized High Schools, and it assesses students’ abilities to comprehend English prose, revise written English, and problem-solve using mathematics.

We may not be able to make that sound any more fun, but what we can do is help your student ace the test.

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We’ve been doing this for a while now, and we’ve got more than enough knowledge to share. So if you have questions about these tests, from scoring to accommodations to fundamental strategies, you can find the answers here.

Balancing Content and Strategy in Your SSAT/ISEE Prep

One of the most important things you can do in standardized test prep is learn the key strategies. Knowing all the material that can show up isn’t enough to get a perfect score; skills like pacing yourself optimally and using the multiple-choice format to your advantage are also essential. Read on for more.

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SSAT/ISEE Prep and the Admissions Process: A 2021-2022 Overview

For many families, the independent, private, and boarding school admissions process can be intimidating—and that’s probably an understatement. Not only does each individual school have its own set of admissions policies and procedures, but many also include a requirement to submit either ISEE or SSAT scores. We’re here to give you an introduction to these tests and the prep process.

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Constructing Your Ideal 2021-2022 ISEE Testing Schedule

There’s nothing quite like the ISEE testing calendar, and honestly, that’s probably for the best. Until fairly recently, students could only take the ISEE once per school year, but fortunately, this is no longer the case! Read on for tips about optimizing your ISEE testing schedule.

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Andrew was the perfect tutor for my son. They got along brilliantly. Andrew managed to get his ISEE scores up in every section of the test. In two of the sections he increased his scores by three points! Andrew was very kind and patient and has a real feel for the “mind” of the middle schooler! I highly recommend him!

Jonathan W.

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