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We know how overwhelming the application process for private schools can be. Between interviews, application essays, and your busy day-to-day schedule, the last thing you have time to do is stress over test scores. That’s where we come in.

Inspirica Pros offers fully customized one-on-one tutoring programs for the ISEE & SSAT. We’ll take care of the tests—you just worry about the rest!

Why Parents Choose Inspirica Pros for ISEE & SSAT Tutoring

Private Tutoring

ISEE & SSAT tutoring can be a great way to help your child prepare for the test. However, it's important to make sure that you find a tutor who is qualified and experienced in preparing students for the ISEE & SSAT. Our tutors at Inspirica Pros have years of experience tutoring the ISEE, SSAT and other private school entrance exams.

Experienced Tutors

Our ISEE & SSAT tutors are experienced professionals who have been tutoring these exams for decades, and they have the insights and knowledge your student needs to ace the ISEE or SSAT and get into the private school of their dreams.

Total Tutoring Flexibility

Online tutoring allows for total tutoring flexibility, designed around your child's specific needs. You can work with a tutor on your own time and at your own pace. Our ISEE & SSAT tutors are available online and in-person to help you with any questions or concerns you may have about the exam.

Help Your Child Ace The ISEE

The ISEE represent the first exposure to standardized testing for many students, and almost all of those students would rather be doing just about anything besides preparing for it.

Never fear, though—our ISEE sensei specialize in working with younger students, and more importantly they love doing it. Your Pro will make the ISEE prep process as engaging and stress-free as possible.

Get Expert Help For the SSAT

The SSAT tests a wide range of content, much of which students may not have encountered before. Add to that the challenging, unique question-types and this exam can start to feel like the test equivalent of a really bad headache. Fortunately, we know some people who can help.

Our SSAT gurus have decades of experience helping students beat this test, and they enjoy nothing more than seeing the smiles on people’s faces when they do.

What Happy Parents Are Saying About Our ISEE & SSAT Tutoring Services

Help Your Child Ace the ISEE & SSAT With Help From Inspirica Pros

Get Customized ISEE Tutoring

Expert ISEE Tutoring Programs

Get Extra Help In Difficult Subjects

Learn Proven ISEE Strategies

Flexible Tutoring Around Your Schedule

Increase Your Child's Score on the ISEE

The best ISEE & SSAT tutors and prep experts - anywhere!

We have been offering professional 1:1 instruction to clients all over the world for more than 30 years. Our top-tier team of qualified instructors tailors the learning process to the demands of each individual student, opening up fast routes to better results while putting sensitivity and confidentiality first. Our Pros also have all they need to help you maximize your outcomes and reduce your stress because they are equipped with our diagnostics and learning tools that are among the best in the business.

Premium 1:1 tutoring for a personalized learning experience.

Meet Some of Our Featured ISEE & SSAT Tutors

Grace Oberhofer

Grace Oberhofer is a Brooklyn-based educator for academic and arts-based learning. She first developed her passion for teaching at the ripe age of 14, working as a dance instructor for ages 3-11. Her work in education expanded continuously through her time at Tufts University, and she now has over 10 years experience in individualized, tailored instruction. As an instructor, Grace balances the needs of the learner, parent and academic material to create a positive learning environment that challenges the learner to continually strive for success. Her work with the Metropolitan Opera Guild has strengthened her commitment to creative problem solving and critical thinking throughout all of her educational practice. She has taught hundreds of students in math, language, reading comprehension, SAT/ACT, and a myriad of other standardized tests.

Kalen Lister

Kalen Lister is an academic and test prep tutor based out of Brooklyn, NY. She has 15 years of experience working one-on-one and with small groups of students from pre-K through early high school. Kalen focuses on the psychological needs of each student, stimulates their innate curiosity, and increases their confidence and ability through an executive functioning lens. After working independently for a few years she joined the test prep company Bright Kids NYC at its inception in 2010, working primarily with Pre-K and K children on school entry exams including the OLSAT, NNAT, ERB, AABL, and Hunter tests. She then launched a private practice before being recruited by Noodle – now Inspirica – Pros. Kalen has a reputation for getting excellent results while making the process as enjoyable as possible for both tutee and parent. She is warm and compassionate while holding the bar high.

Allison Benko

Allison’s energetic approach to learning will ensure that your child has the tools, the knowledge, and the confidence required to succeed. She has extensive experience as a one-on-one tutor, having begun her own private tutoring business in 2009. This practice was originally centered around Spanish language tutoring for middle and high school students, and has since expanded to nearly every academic subject, including college test preparation. Allison works extensively as a New York theatre director, where her notable achievements include assistant directing Lincoln Center Theater’s production of Oslo, which won the 2017 Tony for Best Play. This background gives Allison a unique insight into the creative-based approaches necessary for strengthening one’s critical thinking skills. Favorite tests to tutor include all sections of the ACT, the SAT Subject Tests, the SSAT, and all levels of the ISEE.

Naomi Berhane

Naomi Berhane

Originally from Los Angeles, Naomi is a graduate of Harvard College where she received a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in African Studies. Since high school she has worked with students in various tutoring capacities and different subjects. She has worked privately with students over the past 7 years and her students have ranged in age from kindergarten students to high school seniors. After years of practicing and refining his studentship, he strives to share the tips and tricks he has learned to help students build their understanding. He believes that understanding is the goal, and tests are just a measure of understanding.

Zachary Small

With years of professional tutoring experience, Zachary has developed tutoring programs for students that are as rigorous as the are engaging, balanced, and fun. Collaboration and flexibility are at the heart of Zachary’s practice; he understands that all students approach test preparation differently and therefore adjusts his strategies according to each student’s strengths and weaknesses. Not only does this create an efficient use of time, but it ensures that students continue to gain confidence ahead of test day. Further, he maintains open channels of communication with parents and academic/college counselors to keep everyone informed.

Ally Camhi

A Westchester, New York native, Ally began tutoring when she was in the eighth grade after her mom told all of her younger sisters’ friends that she could help them with whatever they subjects they may need. While she no longer needs to be driven to her tutoring appointments by her mom, Ally still maintains the same level of enthusiasm, patience, and dedication as when she first began. She enjoys the challenge of connecting with each individual student and finding the method that works best with each unique learning style. Her high energy approach has helped her students succeed on all of their exams.

Our Results-Driven Approach To ISEE & SSAT Tutoring

In-Person Practice Testing

Academic Assessment

From the very first intake conversation, our tutoring sessions are designed to be both engaging and effective. We understand that your child’s temperament, learning style, and personality all affect their ability to learn. Our team of expert tutors will work to match you with the best possible tutor for your needs, ensuring that you get the best ISEE tutoring program to help your child ace the ISEE!

Program Individualization

Your Pro will work with your child to prepare for the exam and help them feel confident and prepared on test day. They know that when it comes to test prep, every student has different needs and interests, which is why they customize each session based on your child’s specific strengths and weaknesses. With these customized sessions, we’re able to help students build confidence as well as improve overall scores!

Continued Guidance

Our ISEE tutoring program is designed to provide you with the support you need to succeed on your exam. Our pros are more than just content masters—they’re learning experts who are there to support you in every way possible throughout the ISEE tutoring process. In addition, our teachers are ready to answer any questions you may have about the test or what it takes to get into top schools. 

Frequently Asked Questions About ISEE & SSAT Tutoring

The ISEE is a challenging test. It's a lot of material to cover and the questions are challenging. But with the right ISEE tutoring, you can be prepared and confident.

The ISEE is an achievement test that measures how well students do on a range of subjects in grades 3-8. The test is designed to measure academic skills, including reading comprehension, mathematics, science and social studies.

It can be difficult for parents to know when their child should start preparing for the test because there are so many factors involved in determining how well a student will do on the exam. For example, if your child has special needs that affect her learning, she may need extra time to fully understand key concepts on the test. If you suspect that your child might have difficulties with reading comprehension or writing skills (or both), consider hiring an ISEE tutor who can help him develop these skills before taking the test.

ISEE tutoring sessions are always customized to meet the needs of each student. This can include:


  • Reviewing your child's previous work and any ISEE test prep materials they've already used (if applicable)


  • Identifying areas that need more attention, such as particular subject areas or skills, and creating a customized study plan to address those weaknesses


  • Helping your child understand how to tackle questions in the different sections of the test (verbal, quantitative, etc.) and providing tips for taking full advantage of the time allotted on each section


  • Providing additional practice problems that are similar to those found on the actual exam

In addition to reviewing material with your child and providing test-taking strategies, we also work with students to build their confidence in their own abilities so they feel prepared for whatever comes their way when it comes time for them to take the ISEE.

When looking for an ISEE tutor, it is important to find a person who will be able to provide your child with an appropriate level of instruction. There are many different types of ISEE tutors and some may be better suited for your child than others.

Some private schools require the SSAT, while other private schools accept either the SSAT or ISEE.

State-funded schools, on the other hand, only accept the ISEE. The reason for this is simple: The ISEE is a more comprehensive test than the SSAT, so students who do well on it tend to do well in high school as well.

In addition to these differences between private schools and state-funded schools, there are also significant differences between public schools and charter schools. Public schools are funded by taxes and therefore must serve all students regardless of their ability level or economic status. Charter schools may be funded differently depending on where they're located and what kind of school they are (e.g., elementary vs middle vs high school).

The answer is no. The ISEE does not penalize for wrong answers. 

Note that the ISEE does allow you to skip questions. You can choose which sections of the test you want to take, and then go back through them later. This is a good way to ensure that you are confident with all of the material before moving on to the next section. You can also choose how many questions you want to answer from each section before going on to the next one. The choice is entirely up to you, so there is no need to worry about being penalized if you change your mind later on in the process.

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We’ve been doing this for a while now, and we’ve got more than enough knowledge to share. So if you have questions about these tests, from scoring to accommodations to fundamental strategies, you can find the answers here.

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For many families, the independent, private, and boarding school admissions process can be intimidating—and that’s probably an understatement. Not only does each individual school have its own set of admissions policies and procedures, but many also include a requirement to submit either ISEE or SSAT scores. We’re here to give you an introduction to these tests and the prep process.

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