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Breaking news: the LSAT is hard. And not just “normal standardized test” hard—”written to see if you’ve got what it takes to go to school for at least three years to become a professional arguer” hard. It’s easy to sink months into LSAT preparation without seeing noticeable improvement if you’re not prepping the right way.

At Inspirica Pros, ‘prepping the right way’ is our middle name. Okay, not actually, but our test experts can still show you how to conquer the LSAT. Scroll down to get started.

My original LSAT score was good, but I wanted that extra boost to ensure my best chances of getting into the program I wanted. Inspirica Pros has been so helpful that I’ve decided to continue receiving tutoring now that I’ve been accepted. Working with their tutors is the best decision I have ever made!

Oliver S.


The LSAC is so certain their test is prep-proof that they’ve released more than 90 official practice tests. They’re basically daring you to beat the LSAT—and we can help you do just that. With an abundance of high-quality materials for you to work with and one of our LSAT gurus on your side, the test might as well plead ‘nolo contendere’.

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Looking to test the LSAT water before you dive into prep? Dip your toe in with our free resources and get an idea of what you’re up against. Then, when you’re ready to start working towards that 180, give us a call.

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I was having a hard time finding a tutor that could really help me prepare for the LSAT. The tutors here have so much experience and can help with any subject difficulties imaginable. Thanks to my tutor all my pre-test fears melted away.

Emily Q.

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