Dean Lee

SAT, ACT, GRE Test Prep Specialist and All Things Biology

Cambridge, MA


Dean is a a test prep specialist for the SAT, ACT, and GRE. Helping students make score gains is addicting to him. He loves seeing how the little tweaks he makes to a student’s test-taking approach directly generates score gains in the next practice test. Let him help you achieve your goal score!

Dean finds that approaching each student as both a tutor and a counselor is a powerful combination. He learned that empathy can be a restorative factor in a student’s test prep experience that often features burnout, peer pressure, and test anxiety. He listens deeply to see where each student is coming from and to cater his teaching style to them.

Dean also has deep expertise in biology and would love to share his understanding with you. He graduated from UCLA with a Bachelor’s in Neuroscience and from Harvard University with a Master’s in Neuroscience. At Harvard, he was a TA for several biology courses at both the undergraduate and graduate levels; this work culminated in a teaching certificate from the Derek Bok Center at Harvard. He then worked for several years at the intersection of neuroscience, genetics, and statistics at a biology lab at Harvard. He has since pivoted from neuroscience to computational work at a Cambridge biotech focusing on intelligent antibody discovery for new cancer and autoimmune disorder treatments.


Harvard University
Master’s, Neuroscience

Penn State
Master’s, Applied Statistics

Bachelor’s, Neuroscience


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