Kate Fisher

Raising Scores, Building Confidence, Changing Lives

14 Years Tutoring
New York, NY


Kate grew up in Englewood, NJ, and graduated cum laude from Horace Mann School, where she is an active member of the alumni community. She has worked with thousands of students during her career as a full-time tutor, which she began as an undergraduate. As a part-time teacher at Kaplan Test Prep, she taught ACT, SAT, and SHSAT in both in-person and online classrooms. By 2010, Kate expanded her tutoring repertoire to include both the ISEE and SSAT, as well as various AP exams, SAT Subject Tests, and high school and college admissions consulting.

Kate spent 2013 as a full-time instructor, teaching classes and tutoring students throughout the tristate area. In addition to training part-time tutors and developing teaching materials, Kate taught and tutored low-income students through her involvement in partnerships with the NYC Department of Education. In 2014, Kate was promoted to manager of content and curriculum, spearheading product and course revisions for the 2015 PSAT and 2016 SAT test changes.

Kate is an energetic and patient tutor (and cheerleader!) who is able to quickly and effectively accommodate her students’ needs. She expects her students to be prepared and do their best and is always willing to talk them through any related challenges they might encounter either within or outside of lessons. Her tutoring is creative and adaptive, providing her students with the support and skills they need to achieve their goals.

Kate is well positioned to help students with a wide variety of learning differences. In addition to her extensive experience as a tutor, she is a lifelong activist for the Autism community, and has been volunteering with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder since her childhood. Kate also holds a Professional Certificate in Learning Differences (LD) and Neurodiversity with a Specialization in Executive Function through the Landmark College Institute for Research & Training.

In addition to tutoring full-time, Kate is Director of School Partnerships at Inspirica Pros and also leads ongoing efforts to remain at the forefront of Executive Function coaching and tutoring neurodiverse learners. When she’s not working, Kate can be found attending Broadway, Off-Broadway, and Off-Off-Broadway productions or competing with her trivia team, Green Eggs and Hamlet.

Kate is a funny, patient, kind, demanding, sharp, and responsive tutor who loves to help students reach their potential and achieve their dreams.


Kate Fisher is extraordinary. My daughters, except for lack of prior exposure to standardized testing, were and remain very different people. But each has benefited immensely from working with Kate. In fairly short order, under her disciplined yet gentle supervision, my teens have become much more confident, genuinely in command and effective at test taking. (Milestones include but are hardly limited to an admission to Stuyvesant). Kate is a first-class intellect. Her mastery of testing methods and test-taking techniques is deep and nuanced. She is incisive at identifying test-taking weaknesses and gifted at cultivating strengths to build on. Even more importantly, Kate leavens her rigorous approach with keen sensitivity to adolescent emotions and anxiety. That, perhaps above all, is the secret to Kate’s success helping kids to unlock their capabilities and impressively advance. – Jonathan E.

The thoughtful support that Kate Fisher has offered both of my children goes above and beyond my wildest dreams of what I imagined possible of a tutor. Not only is she exceptionally bright and caring, but her level of organization and accessibility far exceeded my expectations. I can honestly say that Kate has become an extension of my family. She’s been crucial in the academic development of both my kids. – Marci B.

Kate Fisher is a fantastic tutor who is both patient and knowledgeable but more importantly, gets results. My 10 year old daughter in the 4th grade had four weeks to prepare for the lower level ISEE, which tests material from the 5th and 6th grade. So there was quite a lot of ground to cover in a short amount of time. We had a great conversation with Kate where she explained the process and patiently answered all of our questions. My daughter had her first session with Kate and immediately felt comfortable. Over the course of the next four weeks, Kate taught almost two years worth of math and vocabulary to my daughter in a way that she was able to understand and retain. It wasn’t my daughter memorizing things, it was Kate teaching concepts in an easy (and fun!) to understand way that will stay with my daughter for the next two years. – Gabby B.

Kate Fisher has been such an invaluable mentor, teacher and ISEE tutor for our children. She has worked with us for a while now and is always such a bright, sunny person who helps to provide tremendous academic support. She is always prepared for her sessions and has the books in advance so she can work alongside the children and help with questions and encouragement. She is genuinely interested in their success and it’s so clear she loves to teach!! She knows how to help prepare for the ISEE so well and has an incredibly kind way about her. We are thrilled to have met Kate and hope to work with her for many years to come! – Alex M.

My daughter worked with Kate Fisher for her ISEE and only has terrific things to say. Kate is exceptional – she is organized, smart, attentive, insightful, and was able to motivate Ariela to want to study hard and excel on her test. Kate quickly deciphered where Ariela needed more instruction and guided her understanding of the material. Moreover, working with Kate on the ISEE prep gave Ariela foundational skills that had lasting effects on Ariela’s performance in high school. – Eliza W.

When I was younger, I viewed tutoring as something used to fix myself as if there was something wrong with me as a person. No matter who tried to convince me that this assumption was false, I couldn’t seem to shift my belief. However, after having Kate as my tutor, I learned that this belief was completely inaccurate to how it should be. Throughout my sessions, Kate made great efforts to get to know me and how I learn best, therefore adapting her teaching styles to fit me personally. This changed my entire view on tutoring, creating a new idea of the concept as a resource that aids me rather than changing me or how I learn. In my freshman year, I noticed some inconsistencies within my math tests, so I made my own personal decision to set up some sessions with Kate, seeing that she would be the one who could help me find what was causing these inconsistencies and grow. Kate is an outstanding tutor who has helped me grow into the student I am now, averaging in the A range for my grades while also being able to remain calm mentally. With her help, I have developed new strategies that I will carry with me throughout my life, not just as a student, but as a person too. I owe Kate for the smooth transition into my freshman year, and she even helped aid me through the tests in the application process into my dream school. – Katie K.

Kate’s amazing. Not only was she able to significantly improve my son’s ISEE performance, but she also made the prep painless and FUN. To see a 13-year-old boy looking forward to tutoring sessions in the summer was a feat I thought impossible, but Kate made it happen. Kate also provided support throughout the entire application process and was devoted to making sure we found a school that was the right ‘fit’ for our son. – Ivy F.



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