Kelly Clement

Expert international ISEE/SSAT tutor

10 Years Tutoring


Kelly has been an educator throughout the US and internationally for her entire career. She started her career as a study skills teacher in the Caribbean, and then taught 12 years of middle school English and humanities. By design, she immersed herself in very different demographics and types of schools to get a broad understanding of students. From a charter school in New Haven, CT, to the Punahou School in Honolulu, to the American School in London, Kelly has been lucky to teach all kinds of kids!

Following her classroom teaching years, Kelly began to specialise in test prep, specifically the ISEE and SSAT. She has worked with hundreds of students preparing for these exams at all levels. She’s worked primarily with students in London and New York, but she has also worked with students in Paris, Chicago, Miami, and in other cities. In London, Kelly was the Director of the ISEE/SSAT program at an American test prep company, where she administered diagnostic tests, designed curriculum, trained tutors, and taught students from ages 6-16.

Kelly is a patient, creative, and dedicated educator. She engages and motivates her students, and considers a student’s morale and confidence to be as important as any academic goals. She is infinitely flexible as a teacher, always searching for new ways to demystify difficult topics. Kelly finds students inspiring, and she aims to inspire the best in all of her students!

Additionally, Kelly has also specialised in working with learning needs students. She has worked with countless students with ADD/HD, dyslexia, dyscalculia, and various other processing issues and executive functioning challenges.

Whether a student has 2 days or 9 months to prepare for his or her exam, Kelly will quickly assess a student’s needs and create a plan to maximise scores, increase student confidence, and improve a student’s skills for the exam and all other academic pursuits.



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