Kevin McKone

Math coach who motivates middle school and high school students to gain fully from their unique talents.

36 Years Tutoring
St. Louis, MO


Having attended a boarding school, Hotchkiss, in Lakeville, Connecticut, I was given the incredible opportunity to interact with passionate teachers who often were also my athletic coaches. Viewing the lessons learned in the classroom and those learned through my participation in sports became a valuable connection which has shaped my teaching and tutoring. While tutoring students in algebra, learning the material at a high level is always the objective, but that is always coupled with empowering every tutee in a way that allows them to draw on their unique intellectual talents. I believe that my tutoring morphs into academic coaching and an individual’s experience with me can be quite transformative. Earning a B.A. in Math from Brown University and a Master’s in Educational Administration from Saint Louis University have also deepened my understanding and appreciation for how significant true academic challenge shapes an individual. I have tutored for 35 years beginning in New York City in 1985 and continuing today in St. Louis. Nowadays, I tutor students from all over online. My expertise focuses on Algebra I and Algebra II. My highly energetic approach to tutoring allows those who work with me to grow as math students and as learners.


By way of background, I am a partner in a Los Angeles law firm which also has offices here in St. Louis. My position has required me to do a great deal of traveling over the years. One of the reasons I have voluntarily endured a hectic travel and work schedule was to be able to educate my two sons with educators and tutors I felt were best for my children’s success. Kevin was one of the few that made that sacrifice worthwhile.

Kevin tutored and provided academic coaching and support to both of our sons for the last several years. My oldest attends NYU and my youngest is competing for admission to Ivy League schools academically and through his performance on the baseball field. Kevin was pivotal in their academic development through tutoring and academic coaching. Kevin was and is exceptional. We would hire him again in a minute and have given his name to our closest friends over the years.

Our process wasn’t easy in the beginning. With both of our kids determined to put in the time they felt was appropriate, it was a relief for us to see Kevin take the lead with “big picture” tutoring in difficult subjects and concepts. He was exceptional in the way he built confidence and “buy-in” with our kids which developed tangible academic skills. This academic skill development empowered them to look at academic and classroom challenges as opportunities, rather than burdens.


The Hotchkiss School

Brown University B.A. Mathematics

St. Louis University Master’s in Educational Administration


Age Groups

Special Needs Skills