Mina Samaan

Experienced ESL, Elementary Math, Elementary Science, Arabic, and Chess tutor

11 Years Tutoring
Cedar Grove, NJ


My name is Mina Samaan. I graduated from a regionally accredited college with a GPA of 3.45, majored in Education, and minored in Language Instruction. I have always been passionate about teaching but never realized how enjoyable it is until I graduated and began teaching English in my hometown. After immigrating to the States, I became a certified substitute teacher for many years. That is when I came in contact with Elementary Math, and I loved it, so I decided to take another path and started studying Elementary Math, Elementary Science, and Coding. To be able to help my students with these subjects during the school day setting or even after it. Since then, I have been tutoring for over ten years now.

Also, as a Chess Expert, I was able to join several afterschool programs to coach and tutor Chess, Logic, and strategic planning. With my Strategic Planning, my understanding of the aspects of the game, and my exceptional chess coaching skills, I can understand the weaknesses and strengths of my students. Also, I know how to help them focus on their game needs and areas that need improvements.

My content knowledge in Elementary Math, my experience in tutoring it, and my ability to break down complicated concepts into simple examples are my secret recipe ingredients to make Math like a happy meal to my students. My understanding of my student sensitivities and differences and my knowledge to brings science lessons to life with real world-application are what enable me to teach science in the best way possible. In Addition to that, Arabic is my mother tongue, and I have studied it for more than 15 years. Therefore, I can teach different dialects of the language (Egyptian, Lebanese, Syrian, Libyan, Tunisian, Iraqi, and most of the Gulf dialects) with much ease and pleasure. Not to forget to mention that since ESL is my Bachelor’s major, I have studied and still studying a lot of its teaching methodology. A combination of that academic knowledge with skills created by years of experience, I can help my students maintain their engagement to their best to start speaking and using English independently. I have always loved any education-related experiences. Therefore, teaching ESL for all ages and levels, Language Instruction, Singapore Math, Scratch Coding software, and other subjects have always been a satisfaction to me. As a passionate tutor, I always seek nothing but my students’ benefits. Helping my students has always been my top priority. I am available all the time. I promptly respond to any request. Feel free to contact me to start a new learning adventure.


Expected Master’s degree in ESL by the end of 2021.

Assiut University Bachelor’s Degree Equivalency in Secondary Education with a Teaching major in Language Instruction.

Teach English Now! Teaching Language Online, Course accredited by Arizona State University.


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Special Needs Skills