Naomi Berhane

Naomi Berhane

Adaptive and Encouraging Tutor for Mathematics and Test Prep Support

8 Years Tutoring
New York, NY


Originally from Los Angeles, Naomi is a graduate of Harvard College where she received a Bachelors degree in Biomedical Engineering and a minor in African Studies. Since high school she has worked with students in various tutoring capacities and different subjects. She has worked privately with students over the past 7 years and her students have ranged in age from kindergarten students to high school seniors. Since moving to New York City Naomi has worked with several students from independent schools such as Horace Mann.

While completing a 6th month mentored training program in ACT and SAT preparation, Naomi began her work as a test prep tutor and supported students throughout their preparation journey. She has helped students reach scores as high as a 36 on the ACT exam and prioritizes emotional readiness along with content mastery.

Naomi believes that the most important part of tutoring is making sure to listen to the student and pay attention to their needs. Not all students will voice their confusion and some may try to move on or give up on a concept if it isn’t making sense, so she does her best to make the learning space welcoming to questions of all kinds and to be attentive to any gaps in understanding. Until she gets to know the student better, she tries to ask as many questions as possible about the problems and concepts being worked on, so she can tell how much material is being understood and what is not being retained. Naomi believes that any student is capable of excelling at what is presented to them, and it is the instructor’s job to adapt their teaching style to what the student needs.

Naomi enjoys spending her time outside of tutoring learning new songs on guitar, practicing her violin, and taking photos. She enjoys exploring new cities and spends her downtime making puzzles and reading.


Harvard University Bachelors Degree, Biomedical Engineering, Minor in African Studies


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