Tim Hampshire

Writing Coach and Ancient Art Historian

3 Years Tutoring
Philadelphia, PA


Tell me if this sounds familiar: your child has worked hard for years, studying for exams, succeeding in school, always doing their best. But then one day their teacher says, “write a paper,” and they really start to struggle. They have ideas, but don’t know how to organize them. They can express themselves, but something is getting lost in the writing. Maybe they don’t even know where to start, or how to start.

Let me help! After attending NYU with a creative writing scholarship, I went into the museum field, eventually becoming a curatorial researcher at the Milwaukee Art Museum. You know those little labels in a museum gallery that briefly tell you the story of the art and why it is significant? I write those.

Two years ago, when I went back to school to become a full-time art historian (at UPenn, where I am now), I also started working as a writing tutor. In that short time, I have seen my students get admission letters from Berkeley, USC, Johns Hopkins, and Oxford.

The hallmark of my tutoring success is the time I spend outside sessions going over my students’ writing carefully. This comes from my research background—I am granular and methodical, devoting at least an hour of independent preparation to every session. When I show up to our class, I am going to bring you substantive critical comments, and I am going to push you. But with that comes a lot of support. I will be there during every step of the writing and re-writing process as your committed personal editor. My students’ success means a lot to me, but so does their well-being.

Academic writing is my career. No matter the age or skill level—I have tutored as young as 6 and as old as 40—I am prepared to walk my students through the research, note-taking, drafting, editing, and active resource management that are the keys to a stress-free relationship with their papers and essays.

All writing is welcome. Bring everything from your creative assignments to your cover letters. Just remember the golden rule: it is never too early! I am looking forward to meeting you soon.


New York University Bachelor of Arts, Political Science and French Language

University of Pennsylvania Master of Arts, Greco-Roman Art History (current)


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